Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I know what I want to be...

In this world, career is second nature to life. In my generation, when we grew up in India we hardly had any choices other than being doctor and engineer. But I do see whatever you do, it's the attitude and perseverance that sees you through what you want to be. Anyways, thats besides the point. I wonder what the next generation see themselves in 20 years from today.

I was playing Doctor set with my little pumpkin. I can visualise her successful in so many different professions. I asked her "What do you want to be when you grow up?". Initially she said "Nothing". I said you have to be something, you need to have a career. She thought for a moment and said "I know..".

I was eager to hear what has inspired her so much at this young age -
Could it be doctor - we hardly have any in immediate family but she has her pediatrician who is a very nice man.
Could it be engineer - we have many in family, not sure whether we even inspire.
Could it be teacher - she likes to teach (read boss around) on her little brother but that hardly qualifies to be a teacher (My mom would twist my ears for saying this :) ).

Her eyes were wide and bright , happy that she has made a decision. "I know Mamma", she went on, " I want to be a mermaid !"

Monday, August 6, 2007

Counting and still going on ...

Last weekend, we were invited at one of H's cousin's place. They have a sweet 6 yr old daughter , Anj . My sweet little pumpkin and Anj started playing hide N seek. Anj mentioned she would hide and sweet little pumpkin has to seek her after she counts 20. All is well. My sweetie starts counting at a rocket speed and reaches 20 before Anj takes 2 steps. Anj tells her to count slowly so that she can go and hide. My sweetie slows down but still fast enough that Anj is not able to go out of the room. Sweet little pumpkin offers help - Do you want me to count more? Anj agrees that would be good. So my sweetie replies - "Ok I'll count till 21" !!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Words and words is all I have...

Sometimes, you wonder how these kids learn to talk the way they do.

I have a sweet little pumpkin (4 yr) and a curious little monkey (1 yr). I am forever indebted to God for making me part of their life and teaching me so much about life through them. Some conversations between us are very interesting.

Episode 1 : The other day my sweet little pumpkin was coloring with her crayons and I was playing with my curious little monkey. They seemed to be pretty absorbed in what they were doing. So, I took a quick break to get a cup of tea for myself. I didn't realise that my sweet little pumpkin followed me to kitchen to get her share of cookies ( Well, I love to eat cookies with tea and I just am not able to get over that habit). While enjoying my cup of tea, momentarily, I forgot what my other baby was doing . Curious as he is, he went over to the crayons. When I saw him, he had a piece of crayon in his mouth. I yelled rushing to him " Don't eat the crayon".

From behind , my sweet little pumpkin says : "Which color?"

Episode 2: I am trying to get something ready for the dinner. My curious little monkey in on the kitchen floor playing but well within my eyesight. My sweet little pumpkin is playing something safe closeby. Curious as he is, he wanders off to the shoe rack in the washer -dryer room next to kitchen. I shout while rushing to him "Don't put her sandals in your mouth"

From behind comes the sweet voice "Which foot mamma, right or left?"

Oh these girls

Yesterday, my sweet little pumpkin was playing with her friend Arush . They both were having fun. Sometimes they would shout or snatch things from one another but that just lasted for few sec and they would be fine again. So, all was well. Good. Suddenly Arush is mad and goes inside his home in huff and puff. His mom tries to cajole him and me looking at my dear sweetie wondering what went wrong. That's when Arush gave us the clarification

" She did not allow me to complete my sentence.. She just kept talking like a parrot! "

Welcome to the world of girls, son :)