Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wake me up before you go

To be honest, waking up sweet little pumpkin is really an ordeal for me. Okay, don't remind me of my childhood days. I was not at the receiving end then and those were different times.

We are going to Chicago tomorrow and have to leave early around 4:30 am to catch the flight. I was telling that to sweet little pumpkin preparing her for an early wakeup call. Till now, she has been nice to wake up early if we had to catch a flight or travel somewhere. I guess the excitement of travel catches up at all ages. She told me very excitedly "You know Mamma, when we went to SD last time, Papi (she calls her dad papi ever since she knew that Dora calls her dad papi {dad in spanish}) woke me up, this time you can wake me up". To this, I reminded her that I always wake her up in the morning. To which she replies excitedly - "Imagine Mamma, you got another chance to wake me up. isn't it great? Aren't you happy?"

Am I? Do I have a choice?