Wednesday, September 26, 2007

To where we belong

It is so amusing to hear kids conversation. Nowadays, sweet little pumpkin lectures curious little monkey a lot. He responds in his baby babbles. The other day she was telling him that we "picked" him up from the hospital. I remember after I had my curious little monkey, I made sure I spend some time with sweet little pumpkin. At that time, she used to think that the nurse in the hospital was his mom as she first saw him in the hospital nursery. After couple of days playing with him, she once remarked, "I had played enough with him, you can take him back to the hospital. "

She loves hearing her baby stories. Every now and then, she asks me to narrate few of those beautiful moments. One day I told her that even she was in my tummy before. When I saw her gazing at me surprisingly, I realised she did not understand it and of course only time and age can make these clear to her. I had a hearty laugh when she asked me "Why did you eat me, mamma?"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brat, Sweet Brat

Sweet little pumpkin was checking her new notebook, that I bought for her. It had a laminated shiny cover. She asked me why was it so sparkling as if there were lights on the cover, I answered lovingly "because you are the light of my life". She replied immediately " I am not light of your life". I asked her what was she ? She replied " I am brat of your life!"

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Small desires

We had a great time in San Diego with my brother and his family. Sweet little pumpkin was pampered and had a gala time with her cousin. I wanted to prepare her for her return flight, letting her know that our vacation would be getting over and we would have to go back to reality - she to her school and me to my work. When I spoke to her a day before our flight, she argued back saying "Continental flies only from NJ - San Deigo. It does not fly back." How I wish it were true. On the morning of our departure, she had one of the various trifles with her cousin. I talked to her calmly if she could be nice today. Trying to distract her, I mentioned how about she helps me in packing to which she replied - "Our flight is only at night, till then I am going to be naughty!". Well!