Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Environmently Friendly

Yesterday, on our way back home, sweet little pumpkin was telling me how her day went. They did some craft work in which all of them required sheets of paper. Her friend, X had to take the paper first and then it was her turn. She said "Mamma, you know X took 4 sheets of paper. I told her to make paper, we need to cut trees. So, we should not waste them. I asked her to keep some back but she did not listen." Curious, I asked how much sheets she took to which she replies "I took less, just three."

Thursday, March 6, 2008


After a usual day, I picked up my phone to call my sis-in-law yesterday evening. Chatting to a friend always relaxes and refreshes me after a day's work. In the meanwhile, sweet little pumpkin was asking me to play with her, which I told her I'll do in a while. To what seemed to her eternity, which in reality was only 2 minutes, she comes to me and says clear enough to be heard on the other end of the phone line: "Mamma, when will you stop talking?".

Gimme a break, please.