Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mummy Mummy

Yesterday, me and my sweet little pumpkin were reading "Curious George Goes to Costume Party". (For those who still enjoy late night parties: Curious George is a children book series about a curious little monkey named George and his adventures). In the story , George and his friends were dressed up in different Halloween costumes. Sweet little pumpkin pointed to a boy who was wrapped in white stripes and asked me what costume was that. I told her it was "Egyptian Mummy" and she would know/understand it better when she is little bit older. We finished the story and went on to read "Curious George visits Library". Looking at one of the illustration, she spotted the same boy and said "Look mama, the Egyptian mother is here!".

Monday, October 1, 2007

Electronically yours

During our short trip from school to home, sweet little pumpkin generally briefs me up with the activities she did that day. The details depends on her mood, though. The other day she mentioned they had read a story which had all mamma and baby tigers. She asked me whey there were no Dad tigers. I was trying to figure out how to respond to that question, when she came up with the answer "I know. Dad tigers had gone to work and mamma tigers were working from home."