Friday, December 7, 2007

New nominations for N

Last evening, I asked Sweet Little pumpkin what would she like to take for her Show and Tell for letter "N" and she responded "N..N..Na.. Na.. Nothing".

Today morning, while fastening her car seat belts, I noticed she had a post-it with something written on . I asked her what was it, to which she replied "For N, I am taking my Name"

Thursday, December 6, 2007

We belong to one world

Sweet little pumpkin goes to pre-K and has friends from different cultures and customs. They talk and play with each other well, unaware of which part of the world their roots belong to. Maybe they don't even need to know. This is their world and they are very happy being in it.

Last week, the school organised photo session for each class. We got the photograph yesterday and she was showing it excitedly to her grandfather. Her grandfather pointed to one kid and asked her if he was an Indian. She replied - "I don't know all that. He is my friend, xyz".
(I think that's all we need to know too, who is our friend regardless of where he belongs to.)