Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who is everywhere

Sweet little pumpkin learnt the following prayer
"God is here, God is there
God God everywhere
God is one, God is one
Good is one for everyone."

Curious little monkey of course caught up, with a slight variation:
"Icecream here, Icecream there
Icecream, Icecream everywhere."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who is a wife?

Last weekend my uncle and aunt came to visit us. Curious little monkey was only 1 or 2 months old when he last saw them. So, I was explaining to him that the Grandpa who was visiting is my dad's brother. He listened earnestly and asked "Who's the Grandma?". I said she is Grandpa's wife. My soon to be 6 year old Sweet little pumpkin retorted "Don't say wife to him when he is 3 years old. Wait till he is 5 or 6. Then he will understand." I asked her if she knew what a wife was to which she replied "Yes. Wife is a girl who lives with a boy."

I have been laughing ever since :) :)